Common causes of toothaches in Towson

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Towson toothache

Not all toothaches are treated the same way, because not all of them are caused by the same issues. Here at Finney Family Dental, we are committed to accurate diagnosis and prompt care.

Towson toothache

Before we discuss the typical reasons for your Towson toothache, let’s consider the ones that show up less frequently. Sometimes a jaw condition, like TMJ disorder, or the effects of late stage gum disease can manifest in tooth pain. If so, you’ll still need timely attention. But the overwhelming number of cases can be traced back to just four problems: cavities, loss or lost fillings, chipped or cracked teeth, and tooth infections. The first three can all result in an infection, so the best thing you can do is to take immediate action when you first experience a Towson toothache. Do not make the mistake of hoping that it just goes away without need for treatment. The chances of that are very poor. What is much more likely is that you will end up with a tooth infection. The reason is because when the normal protective barriers of your tooth become breached, there is nothing to stop bacteria from getting inside. There it affects the pulp that is right next to the nerve. The outcome there is root canal therapy. Today’s version of this treatment is much more comfortable and has a high success rate. Nevertheless, it is preferable to avoid it. And it’s far simpler to have our dentist place a filling or a dental crown than to have to do a more complex procedure.

The clock is ticking the very second pain hits your tooth. Don’t let a Towson toothache cause you undue problems. All you have to do is contact our office and we will have you seen as quickly as possible for an examination, evaluation, and treatment.